Greatest Gift of Life: It Is You

Are you willing to acknowledge that it is possible to tap into the universal intelligence of life? It is in you and surrounds you. Moreover, it is you. Every person is doing the best he or she can. This is reflective of a person’s current state of conscious awareness. The world is awakening and we are living more consciously. Likewise, our unbiased acknowledgement and conscious interaction with everything is our gift to life. Furthermore, it is possible for the energy of life to become consciously aware of itself through our awareness of it. Humankind will observe new perspectives and experience new possibilities. This will unfold as we accept our true essence and allow this to flourish, unencumbered by the mind.


“Now is the time to allow life to engulf you; as it has always done. Through this acceptance, you become what you have always been. We are sharing the gift of life and love and understanding is our path.”

What role do you have in the ultimate experience of life? You, after all, determine the priority of your existence through your interaction or non-interaction with the mind. Therefore, you can decide if you wish to only exist or do you wish to actively live?

The Gift of Life Is a Sharing Experience

What does this mean in reference to the experience of balance and enlightenment? It comes down to whether you are willing to continue chasing after the minds excuses for life and living. Obviously, you can continue to do this or you can realize that, firstly, it is enough to simply be alive. Likewise, and ultimately, living is the greatest gift. We are sharing it now.

Still, it can be frightening to let go and accept something that the mind questions and fears. Nevertheless, trust the tiny voice in you that offers signposts out of the darkness and into the light of enlightenment. This is the universal intelligence and it is here in each moment. You may experience short-comings, difficulties and even pain. However, these are temporary symptoms of mind and body. Ultimately, everything is fine because life energy consciousness is flowing through you. This is the greatest gift you can experience. It is here now.


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