Human is Being and Beyond

We spend almost all of our existence searching and demanding. Does being human constitute having expectations? Is our expectancy a result of personal and social influence? Who can say for sure. The real problem is that we are always asking the wrong questions. We want and expect things not meant for us. We base our expectations purely on mind-oriented factors. Universal intelligence will not respond to such demands. It has countless gifts to give us. But we should learn to see and accept the gifts. This acknowledgment is the doorway to the essence of being.


Our – if we really want to use the word – journey is to reacquire the universal knowledge of being. There are unlimited possibilities within this recognition. Nevertheless, the mind diverts us from the truth. Thus, we disregard our true essence within this universal energy dimension.  Our ego has led us away from the innate knowledge of universal oneness. This ignorance has led us into darkness.

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Deeply Realize what is Beyond Being Human

A basic realization is necessary. This would allow us to consciously live life as one total experience of being. We need to become more aware of the energy manifestation within us. It would be consciously beneficial to feel life for what it is. But, instead we try to make everything and everyone be and do what the mind deems to be correct.

Conscious awakening would allow us to truly connect with life in its entirety. Hence, we would harmonize ourselves with the flowing manifestation of universal energy. This vibrating flow is constant. Thus always present. This is the isness of being. But, the mind resists the natural order of now, because of countless and insignificant reasons. The universal has an ebb and flow. Whether we are aware of it or not.

A shift in our awareness field is necessary. This would allow us to release our interpretation of the importance and necessity of what we do as human beings. Simply said, we would then be able to be human as we experience the possibilities available to a universal being. We would then have more mental freedom. Thus, there would be clarity in any situation. We would no longer experience life in the mind’s shadow.

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P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my first book One Moment in Life: Reawakening Inner Awareness.


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