Appreciation of Life: It Is Your Responsibility

There are truly many forms of appreciation. A few examples would be sharing a smile, helping someone in need or giving someone a compliment. I wish to offer my appreciation to everyone and everything I have encountered throughout my existence. The interaction with my mind had once caused me difficulties and confusion. Not to mention, conflicts that arose with people and situations. It seems so long ago in hindsight.


These difficulties resulted from unobserved thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, this occurs in everyone as a consequence of a conditioned mind and ego. The ego has an insatiable appetite for power and control. Likewise, this behavior also deters awareness to the flowing rhythm of universal energy. These are the perils of human existence which we face on a daily basis. Still, it is possible to literally appreciate everything; irrespective of the labels.

I have witnessed something quite amazing in a given moment of reflection. It has become possible to appreciate all that unfolds. Still, there are moments when the mind and ego can be overwhelming. But, it is possible for each person to tune into mind activities. We are usually unaware of the mind. Or, we attempt to avoid thoughts and emotions. This is when the unchecked mind, emotions or both release impulses. This will vary from good to bad, happy or sad and so on.

  Appreciation and Conscious Expansion

There is something constant in every experience. Likewise, you are always the common denominator. But, this is not you the person. Rather, it is something more. It is the awakening of consciousness. The true one-self does not blame others for what happens.  Harmony, balance and bliss are always possible. This act or state of being blossoms through you. There is never anything that can prevent happiness and appreciation; except you.

This acknowledgment, in itself, will change how you see everything. Moreover, you will start to interact differently with yourself and all experiences. The assumptions and beliefs of the mind will then begin to transform into understanding and acceptance. A true conscious expansion is available in every situation. Thus, the mind will lose its hold on the ultimate perception of reality. But, it will still be there for practical purposes.

Wishing you a wonderful day!



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