Flowers or Daggers: What Will You Choose?

Words are one method by which we communicate. Mind-oriented subconscious energy is another way. We can either unconsciously or consciously behave and react. There is a flow of energy during either process. These frequencies influence everything as they ripple inward and outward. Imagine, if you will, holding daggers in one hand. And flowers in the other. What will you offer yourself, others, and the universe? This is what it means to unconsciously or consciously live life.


The mind can influence these frequencies. Thus, this energy takes on countless forms. Therefore, it would be wise to choose thoughts, words, and actions in a state of presence. This will allow you to unit with universal life energy. Thus, you are indifferent to these mind-invoked frequencies. Ask yourself this question as often as possible. What energy am I offering others, the world and the universe? Focus your awareness on presence. Here and now. This will help to attune you with the flow within the dimension of life. Henceforth, you will actively observe your interaction with the mind. There will be less and less unconscious thoughts and behavior.

This provides a quantum leap in object conscious development and equally in universal consciousness. What do you wish to give the universe? Will it be flowers or daggers? What you give is what you will receive.

A Flower Is the Gift of Life

We desire balance and harmony. Therefore, it is wiser to give flowers instead of daggers; metaphorically speaking.

“Everyone is looking for a paradise that we supposedly lost. We think about it, dream about it and search for it without realizing that it is here and now. You are co-creating either a heaven or a hell.”

Visualize changing mentally-invoked daggers to flowers. This is immediately possible through conscious awareness. You are the composer of universal energy. Thoughts of the past or the future cannot truly change anything. Practice feeling the ebb and flow of consciousness as you awaken from the dream of thought. It may feel like gentle rocking of a boat or a soothing breeze blowing here and there.  

A shift will occur in your energy output as the process of becoming presence unfolds. Yes, this is accurate insight about your state of being. You will become presence itself and not the details of this moment. It will seem that you are changing everything through this conscious awakening. However, nothing really changes except how you observe it. Thus, this does have the potential to ultimately change how you experience living. You will move in unison with the flow of life.


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