Complexities and Our Sense of Being

Life is a mystery. At least, this is what the mind tells us. Therefore, this unknown mystery is one of the mind’s many complexities. And this is ongoing, since the dawn of our self-consciousness. Furthermore, the mind’s frantic attempts to rationalize hold us as a slave to its devices (behavior). Nevertheless, the practice of conscious awareness can elevate us far above the mind. There is one particular area relating to the age of conscious awakening that recently plagued me.

This use of the word plague indicates that I began to question my deep inner insight about the word being. This word signifies something that is. But, generally it is not possible to express beingness in words. Nevertheless, the other day, I began to question living and being. However, I didn’t so much question my existence as much as questioning my awareness to the explicit act of being. After all, being is an absolute.   


Our understanding of the word being is similar to other behavioral aspects in our existence. We concentrate more on the word or meaning of being instead of its actuality…simply and profoundly being. Humankind’s complexities result from a misinterpretation of living. This is a loss of inner acknowledgment and acceptance to the flow of life energy.

Living Free of Mind Complexities

Is it ultimately necessary to determine what the act of being implies? There are two possible and pertinent outcomes to this question. Yes, you must determine the purpose of your being if you live from the mind. Or, no, the act (details) of your being is insignificant in relation to the profound simplicity within just being. The mind’s mental chatter of complexities irritates the natural act of consciously experiencing life. Therefore, it is conducive to practice skills that release you from the mind. But, still allow you to use the mind in practical activities. The act of being, without attachment or dependency of the mind, ensures a conscious, tangle-free life experience.

You know, from the depth of within yourself, the simplicity of being. And, you are doing it now, in this moment…without actually doing anything. Your practice it to focus on simply being, instead of the details and mind complexities of why, how and when. This suggests not putting demands on life. Thus, not putting demands on yourself, situations and the human species in general. Learn to live consciously with life. Hence, you understand your place in life as a person, without placing significance on what you do as a person. This non-attachment and non-dependency lead to acceptance, which will allow more possibilities to manifest in your existence. It will become possible to consciously observe how you are co-creating your experience of life. 

Best wishes to you each day


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