Allow Life to Flow and Just Let Go

Count the number of situations for one day that you don’t like. The total number might surprise you. Your boss gives you a task that you do not like. There is a traffic jam on the highway that angers you. You must wait in a line to pay for your groceries. It seems impossible to simply allow and accept. So, the list of things you don’t like goes on and on. Still, from time to time, there is a moment when everything is just right. Then, at least for this brief interval, you are happy. Or, at least this is what the mind tells you.

But, true happiness and satisfaction never really come. Thus, dissatisfaction comes again one minute later. Why? Mainly because you attach yourself to any, and everything. And, you expect and demand. Instead of accept and appreciate. The majority of people do this daily at some level. On the other hand, how would any experience change when you just allow and receive whatever the situation holds?


Allow and acknowledge the isness of this moment. Trust me when I share with you that this is the simplest act of living life. All discomforts, barriers and suffering fade away. Hence, you discover a calm spaciousness during any thought, feeling or situation. Likewise, spaciousness and stillness are possible in any situation, regardless of the details. This is the feeling of coming home. This dimension is where the true self resides. Let’s reflect on this insight during the remainder of the article.

Allow and Accept What Is Because It Is

What do you sense in a moment of resistance to the isness of now? This feeling is like a high charge of static electricity. So, you make a judgment. You dislike something. And, in your mind at least, you disapprove and reject the actuality within any moment. But, isn’t this really foolish? Furthermore, in the end, you are only lying to yourself. The manifestation of any details within this moment are indisputable. So, why should you unconsciously react to situations in an adverse manner? Well, let’s answer this question as follows. Only an unaware person will foolhardily resist the presence and isness of now. But, you are consciously awake. Thus, you consciously acknowledge and allow the manifestation of this moment. 

Practice acceptance every day and the number of situations you dislike will rapidly decrease and slowly fade away. Eckhart Tolle expresses this well in the following insight.

“Accept then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” – Eckhart Tolle

Wishing you a joyful day


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4 months ago

These are such powerful quotes, I want to sit with them. Thank you for sharing your wisdom

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