Describe Who Are You, But Why?

So, how would you describe yourself? Don’t worry if this question causes anxiety. The world tells you who you are. People and situations distract us every day. This results in conditioned thought and behavior patterns. Thus, contaminates your inner universe and the manifestation of your outer universe.


This contamination preoccupies and overwhelms the majority of people. Thus, spend their life experience in an energy field of doubt, worry, and fear. Still, and for that reason, you claim to not know who you are. Meanwhile and additionally, the world tells you to keep searching for your purpose. Do you detect the vicious and repetitious patterns this causes? But, the world has many distractions that basically confuses you even more. These mind detail factors change throughout our evolution. But then again, somehow nothing changes because we mostly remain unconscious to the simplicity within the complexity. And, yes, the mind constantly insists that everything is of a complex nature. So, the mind demands that you describe the simply act of being, of living.

Behavioral patterns and mind distractions causes one distinct and unfortunate repercussion to our state of being.  We have lost the ability to experience aware presence in our life experience. Hence, the ordeals of this human-made world cause insensitivity to the dimension of universal conscious energy. Thus, we have forgotten our origin, which is essentially also the origin of our universe. This restricts our awareness to the simple act of being in this moment. Accordingly, everything seems complex because of this unawareness. A true state of universal awareness is possible by being aware of awareness. I first heard this wisdom in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. It sounds funny when you first read/hear it. However, it embodies the essence of enlightenment.

Only the Mind Wants You to Describe Yourself

Additionally, being aware of awareness will dissolve any duality placed on object and universal consciousness. Both, being one and the same. At most, self-consciousness is a possible portal to the acknowledgement of the totality within consciousness. Also, self-consciousness does not burden our mental state. On the contrary, the mind manipulates and restricts self-consciousness in an unconscious person. Reaction patterns and conditioned behavior also reduce our awareness to this moment. Hence, to sum it up, our unconscious attachment and dependency to the mind hampers our species conscious awareness awakening evolution.

Again, and again, thoughts and feelings devastate your life experience. Simply and solely because you are unaware of this moment. But, the moment itself does not mean the details of the moment. There is a profound difference.  Who are you is not really a difficult question. You are. This moment is. And, therein is the totality of life, living, and the universe. This acknowledgement assures harmony and balance in your life experience. Consider how a bird would live its existence asking itself, who am I? It might never fly free because its mind and other birds say it is impossible. But, must the bird know what it is before it can fly?  So, I ask you again. Who are you, really? Why answer, simply live without knowing why.

Wishing you a joyful day


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