Body, Mind, and Your Belief in Believing

Body and mind seem to be one, and they relate to each other on levels that few people are able to comprehend. We have been shown so much from the moment we are born. We have been told and taught by example what is right and wrong. This has caused the body to accept what the mind has told it. Is this really how life should be?


Do you often experience confusion, anxiety, and fear? Please realize that you are much more than what the mind has conditioned you to think or believe. Having a belief or believing in something has no substantial significance in life. But it seems to take on significance and meaning in our existence. This, though, does not validate it as being necessary. Life does not need to believe in something. Life is entirely indifferent to believing or not believing. Traditional thinking tells us that you must first believe in something, and then you must have faith in it. Otherwise, something will not happen nor will you get something unless you believe. However, believing in a belief does not validate its authenticity.

Furthermore, we are to accept this type of behavior as the one and only path to use when wishing for something to manifest. It does seem that we can associate better with the term believing, but only, when used strictly in human context. Conditioning causes us to accept that a belief (believing) is necessary before we can receive something.

Body and Mind: But What About Spirit?

The patterns of conditioned unconscious mind behavior only cause us to remain in a repetitious living cycle. We are basically taught to believe blindly in a belief, regardless of its nature, although still influenced by personal and collective motivations. Nevertheless, the importance of believing is found in how we tune in to the oneness of life. The act of believing is not really necessary. It is one of many concepts that do not benefit the expansion of object consciousness.

A relationship with life cannot be about a belief or the concept of believing. Rather, it is about being conscious of the endless possibilities that are available through the manifestation of this energy. The next step is to accept how life, on the level of universal consciousness, unfolds. A single thought can truly move mountains, if this single thought is in accordance with the universal consciousness.

A seemingly insignificant thought can manifest from an idea or desire into solid form. Whether you believe or don’t believe in something or someone is irrelevant.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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