Mortality and the Mind Quest for Eternity

This one eternal moment appears to structure a framework of hours, days, months and years. This is, however, an illusion. We can only experience anything now. And, this moment is not to give or take.  Being is. Thus, presence is being the isness of now. And, how you experience presence is your choice. You decide. Nevertheless, mind-created concepts such as mortality invokes fear. Why? Because the mind bases everything on concepts of time, matter, and space. And, the mind attempts to entrap us within these thoughts, definitions, and labels.


The mind conjures up many scenarios about our existence. Whereas, the mind depicts impermanence as bad. But, what if it were possible to go beyond mind-generated thoughts of mortality? Instead, let’s envision the eternity within this moment. Our conscious awareness of presence is the gateway to this vibrating realm of energy. 

Yes, of course, there are ailments of the body. And, any life-form is also susceptible to injury or death. Nevertheless, this is the unfolding of a nature occurrence. This is what it means to be an object of life. However, being is the simple act of being. Nothing more and nothing less. Being is not being happy, healthy, sad, or sick. But, the mind insists that to be means you have to be something. So, our practice is to focus on conscious presence. Instead of mind intervention. To be is enough. Everything else will fall into its nature order.

Mortality Is a Mind Concept

It is best to observe the vastness of conscious enlightenment through gratification and unity within presence. Harmony between an object, other objects, and life is there within the space of acceptance and non-attachment.

The moment is never truly what it seems when restricted by mind details. Furthermore, the mind implications of our human nature dictate mortality. Thoughts tell us we are here today and gone tomorrow. Thus, we remain unaware of the immortality within presence. Mind mortality concepts obscure the possibilities available in this moment. But, presence offers a depth of pure isness.

The portal is here and now. And, your state of being decides whether you acknowledge the vastness within presence or not. I am a person that stands on the portal threshold to conscious living. Acknowledging, I shed a tear in remembrance of my human nature. Likewise, I cry a tear of bliss as the vastness of this eternal beingness engulfs me.  And, I share a tear with you now, upon listening to the song “Who Wants to Live Forever” from Queen. 

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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