The Footpath of Least Resistance

A pathway can reveal clarity or confusing. What is the deciding element during the journey? You, because you are the way. The Way is not the path itself. Nor, is it you as the person. Instead, it is how you travel this trail. The way is permanence. And, you take one step and then the next. But, will each step be unconsciously or consciously taken?  A footpath commonly indicates a simpler means of travel. Then why does the way often seem so complex? Remember, you are the way. Therefore, you cause the complications. The path is simply a path.


Thus, the footpath is helpful during conscious awakening. Whereas, the way is unavoidable. However, it can be a transition that will change everything. This depends on how you experience it. Laozi (Lao Tzu) shared profound wisdom in his insight about The Way. His teachings offer us the experience of simplicity as we travel on the path. He does not share details about what we encounter. But, he does suggest living consciously along the way.

The Footpath Can Be Easy or Hard

What do you innately understand about what I have shared above? Look deep within before you answer. It can first seem confusing. This is because the mind tries to isolate the difference between path, The Way, and you. The mind cannot grasp that all of these are the same. The only thing that changes is how you observe everything. Your essence, on the other hand, is permanent and unchanging.  Therefore, the way is a transition from non-being to being, to non-being.

This transformation does not indicate duality. The journey on the way is as transparent as the way itself. That is to say, when we are consciously observing ourselves in proximity to everything. I am emphasizing “The Way” because it is the only direction you, other objects, and the universe can go. Equally, and profoundly, this verifies that we are the “way”. Similarly, we are responsible for each step and each experience. This does not mean accountable (in control) for the people and circumstances along the way. But, for the way itself. You make it hard or easy by choosing the path of least resistance or not.

“Our relationship with the mind (personal and collective) is capable of changing everything. Not the mind itself, but simply through our aware relationship with it. This interaction regulates if, what, and how anything will manifest.”

P.S. Here is a PDF link for the Tao Te Ching if you would like to read it.


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