Limitations Are Mostly of the Mind

Who sets the limits within our life experience? Are evolution characteristics responsible for the restrictions we encounter? Do personal, family, and social structures inhibit how we live? We can answer all of the above with a definite “maybe 😊”. However, limitations result mostly from mind set conclusions and conditioned behavior. 


Nevertheless, there is another consideration. An inquiry into our conscious awareness is of true significance in the process of awakening to consciousness. Who is responsible for consciously observing the aspects of your existence? Naturally, you, as the observer of all that unfolds. So, there will be situations that might first seem restrictive. But, a conscious observer chooses non-attachment and stillness. Thus, there are no limitations. This suggests that conscious awareness encourages a state of being that is beyond the mind.

Limitations Are None So Be Still and Know

So, awareness is the pathway to limitless likelihoods. Thus, you live life from a perceptive without mind restrictions. Likewise, this would directly influence object consciousness. Presence is being. It doesn’t get any simpler. And, aware beingness attunes you with universal energy vibrations. Thus, the experience of pure being. You acknowledge the totality of being. Questions and searching for answers about life, living, and the universe are no longer significant.  Therefore, knowing the true essence of our consciousness will promote more life awareness and less existence limitation restrictions.

Accordingly, letting go does not mean a depreciation. Furthermore, letting go of mind-created limitations promote conscious awareness expansion and clarity. This development induces balance and harmony between object and universal consciousness. Hence, many, perhaps eventually all existence limitations fade away. Thus, we replace mind boundaries with aware universal beingness. being does not imply or necessarily invoke restrictions onto the act of living. The experience of presence is beyond all self-imposed structures.

Living life in an aware state of being neither expects nor demands anything from us. And yes, life radiantly blossoms naturally in a state of presence and non-attachment. Therefore, accept what is in this moment. Why should you? Because is, already is, there is no denying being nor presence.

Wishing you a nice day


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