Change How We See Ourselves

A change in how we live is unfolding worldwide. Living life consciously was not always obvious. A deafness has muffled the constant roar of life. Moreover, we often misunderstand how to live after the awakening of consciousness. This is because the mind experiences no satisfaction in being consciously aware. Thus, the mind keeps us looking. But, we will never find something that we already are in essence. Therefore, we use words as an attempt to explain the unexplainable. Spiritual sounds great. Spirituality even better. Enlightenment is at the top of the list.


But, let’s consciously and impartially reflect on what this implies. We consciously awaken. Great! But usually we then begin to think that we are spiritual. This type of thinking gives us temporary experiences of contentment and happiness. But, then the next thing happens and we become frustrated and unhappy. Furthermore, the mind then says that we have failed and are not yet spiritual. The mind will encourage you to continue reaching for enlightenment.

So, we go back to the spiritual drawing board in the hope of finding the cause for our failure. We think of what to do to be spiritual. There is always an expectancy that accompanies thoughts about what enlightenment means. I can let you in on a secret that is not really a secret. We will never know enlightenment by using the mind as a springboard to experience it. But, the mind is relentless. It is always very helpful in reviewing a game plan to reach spirituality.

Change can only Begin Within You

Thus, thoughts and feelings insist that we try harder, read more books, and most importantly…practice non-thinking. This behavior actually does promote change. But, only at the level of mind and these alterations are only temporary. I mention this behavior in articles and my latest book as a dog chasing its own tail without knowing why.

Is this how you wish to live life? If not, then look deep within. And experience the path within yourself without definitions and attachments to words, thoughts, and feelings. Yes, a word, book, conversation or seminar is fine as a stepping stone on your journey. But, please never mistake a stepping stone for anything other than a signpost. You, yourself is all there is and all that every will be. The outer universe always reflects your inner universe. It all comes down to the absolute you.


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