Ghosts of the Mind: Don’t Let Them Haunt You


There are ghosts. But they are only of the mind. But be careful. They will possess you.  This will cloud the clarity of consciousness. A mind clouded by thoughts and emotions will also concede quickly to the influence of other minds. This results from conditioned imprints. Consciousness is vulnerable to the trickery of these mind-created impressions.



The unconscious behavior of another person can also cause these apparitions. Mind-conditioning summons these ghosts. And they thrive in the realm of unconsciousness. This can happen in any given situation. These phantoms of the mind seem to always be lurking in the shadows of an unaware person.

Therefore, let’s consider the impact of mind-ghosts. How and why do they originate? It may first appear (no pun intended) that they come from other people and situations. There are basically two types of core mind impressions (personal and collective). Both of these can influence us.

Mind Ghosts Haunt the Unaware Person

There may still be confusion as to the true nature of this discussion. I simply use the word ghosts to describe the often-overwhelming activities of the mind. It is a descriptive manner by which we can recognize how the mind conjures and uses old thoughts. These thoughts are nothing but a ghostly resemblance of a moment long gone. But the mind uses these to haunt us. Such thoughts float around just waiting to frighten us. Hence, we stay trapped in our head. This is due to fear of a non-existence reality.

It can be spiritually beneficial to acknowledge the mind’s activities. These overshadow each (real) moment of our existence. The word overshadow is perhaps incorrect. Thoughts, emotions and ego simply function according to our evolutionary patterns. But we can learn to see this behavior consciously and clearly.

Every person has these imprints (ghosts) in their genetic code. These conditioning factors are most commonly present in assumptions, judgements and beliefs. They are the very backbone of our unconscious behavior. Still, every person can consciously observe a phantom thought. Thus, exposing its untrue nature.  These thought traces are only as real we choose them to be. These apparitions will cease to be threatening as we allow, accept, and dismiss them.

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