A Pattern of Deception and Your Role

You live in a tangled web of deception. And, no, I’m not writing about government, media or religious interventions. Nevertheless, this trickery happens to you every day and in more ways than you know. And, the mind is responsible for this dilemma. More accurately written, your unconscious reactions to mind behavior is similar to a snowball rolling down a hill. The snowball rolls faster with each turn and gathers more snow on the way. Likewise, a thought turns into another and another, ever faster and faster. And, what usually happens? Countless thoughts appear from nowhere and overwhelm you. Each thought is more complex than the last. This is a pattern that the majority of people experience each day.


So, how do you consciously move beyond this behavior pattern? You probably read about spirituality, enlightenment and bliss as you awakening to conscious living, such as this article. That is fine. However, please do not cling to stepping stones on your inner path as necessary in reaching conscious enlightenment.

The Pattern of Mind Dominance Fades Away

Conscious presence is infinite and always available here and now. Therefore, you don’t need to search or expect anything. Thus, your practice is to focus on aware presence as you step from one stone to another on your journey. Nothing more and nothing less. The stone, i.e. thought, feeling, person, circumstance, is insignificant as you focus on the presence of your being.  Yes, also what you are reading now is a mere stepping stone.  By all means, please read what I share. However, don’t attach yourself to anything within this article or otherwise. This is because the use of any stepping stone will not change anything until you consciously acknowledge how you live. Therefore, actively observe the mind and your relationship to the mind’s behavior.

Most likely, you will continue to take another step and use another stepping stone. But, the need to take the next step becomes irrelevant as you focus on the conscious act of being. The emphasis is in knowing that you will continue deeper on the inner path as your awareness shifts. Furthermore, you no longer expect, need or even desire anything during this continual act of beingness transition.

Thus, the fading away of mind energy interference becomes more and more obvious to you during any given experience. Let’s illustrate this freedom as viewing an ever deeper and wider horizon on the inner path. The lack of attachment to thoughts and feelings allow you to bask in the sun of enlightenment on your journey. This conscious awareness expansion is beneficial to your state of being in any situation. The clarity, serenity and spaciousness resulting from the absence of any perpetual clinging to thoughts is astonishing. Thus, you simply let the majority of thoughts, feelings and existence details come and go without attaching yourself to them.


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