Anxieties Crawling Near and I Am Afraid

Thoughts and emotions overwhelm you. You are tense and fearful. But, strangely, you are sitting under a tree in the sunshine at that moment. Therefore, your anxiety is about something that might happen, could happen, or should happen. So, this fear is a mind illusion. Not real. But, it seems so real. Memories and thought patterns attempt to invoke a non-real scenario onto this moment. Everything was wonderful. But, somehow crawling anxieties of the mind manipulate your sense of being.


This reaction is similar to seeing a huge threatening spider crawling toward you. You are unaware of anything else except this supposed threat. This unawareness of the mind causes you to react instead of respond to a situation. Realize that there is a difference between react or respond.

Can you recall such an experience? It, referring back to something ominous crawling toward you, can interrupt your state of presence. This manipulates and can even restrict a person from experiencing the spaciousness within presence.  Mind behavior generally initiates a sequence of reactions within an unconscious person. And, an unaware person is oblivious to mind activities.

I recall an experience from years ago (clock time). I became aware of thoughts crawling from the depth of unawareness. Naturally, this conscious observation instantly transformed the unaware into the aware. The mind insisted that a non-existent situation could happen and probably will happen. The mind labeled my situation as bad and threatening. Eckhart Tolle describes this phenomenon as a pain body. Thoughts are just thoughts. But, the experience of a thought when you are not aware of the mind’s behavior is devastating.

Beware Thoughts Are Crawling Closer

These experiences, at first, resemble something dark and threatening crawling into the space of presence. Let’s use my personal experience from above to illustrate.  There was an upcoming work-related situation at that time. But, it was not possible for me to know if this would happen. And, if something did happen, I did not know the outcome. Nevertheless, the mind, with countless imaginary thoughts and scenarios, was very convincing. The mind told me that terrible things would happen. Thus, I accepted these thoughts as real and believed the mind dramatizations of non-existent events.

I was in a state of unconscious blindness to the mind activities. That is, until a refreshing flow of crystal-clear conscious clarity cascaded over me. There I stood in the middle of my apartment with the vacuum cleaner in hand. (I love housework/ cleaning). The feeling of conscious presence was soothing. Spontaneously, laughter overcame me. However, this was not a reason-based laughter. Yes, we can say that I laughed due to the sense of spacious presence within that moment. Still, I can best describe this feeling as a complete non-attachment and uninhibited sensation. I realized that these thoughts and feelings were totally insignificant to that moment.

This realization allowed me to really let go and laugh until there were tears in my eyes. I then sensed something far beyond thoughts and my surroundings. It assured me that no one and nothing can actually take this moment of conscious awareness away. It is always here and now. Therefore, I (you) are always and only here and now. Acknowledge this deeply and the crawling anxieties disappear. Balance and harmony within life will blossom, regardless of the temporary situation.     

I hope that you are safe and well.

P.S. This link is an exercise in conscious awakening and how to dissolve the pain body. The conversation features Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle.


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lene devereux
lene devereux
2 years ago

Hi Steve, I enjoyed to read your insightfull article and resonated with its content of being caught by the mind and the possibility to choose awareness and thereby releasing the pain body and arrive to the here and now in spacious presence. Thank you also for sharing the signposts as… Read more »

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