Impermanence Is Being Whatever Will Be

Doris Day shares useful insight in her song Que Sera, Sera Whatever Will Be Will Be. Do the lyrics offer us a gateway to presence? Yes. Did the song writer intend for the song to be a signpost to conscious living? Who knows for sure? However, the songs philosophical ramifications are clearly evident. Likewise, whatever will be in our state of being indicates awareness to the space of impermanence. 


Impermanence (anicca) is the first of three Buddhism characteristics of existence and being. Dissatisfaction or suffering (dukkha) is the second. The third Basis Marks of Existence according to Buddhism is non-self (anattā). These three are focus points of the Buddhist Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path.

Here are the Buddhists Three Basic Marks of Existence.

  1. Saṅkhāras (conditioned things) are impermanent.
  2. Saṅkhāras are unsatisfactory.
  3. dharmas (conditioned or unconditioned things) are not self.

Impermanence Is a Signpost to Presence

Doris Day’s song reflects this state of impermanence. The lyrics also give us insightful stepping stones into the teachings of unconditional living. Whatever will be will be is a universal constant in a universe of objects that are always changing.

Nevertheless, every object is a focus point for the manifestation of universal life energy.  And, there is always the potential for living from pure consciousness. However, we base our existence on illusions of darkness and permanence. Hence, we chase after the brightness of life without every realizing that we are this light. Therefore, the complete acceptance of whatever is now offers simplicity in a mind-created world of complexity.

A true state of living in the now involves being whatever the moment reveals. Still a conditioned mind resists and even attempts to deny this moment. These, however, are only interpretations of the impermanence of life. It does seem difficult to accept the moment without interpretation or judgment. But, with practice it is possible. When you have learned to allow whatever will be to be you are not just experiencing presence, you become it. This allows universal life energy to flow and manifest in harmony with you.

Best wishes

P.S. Here is the link for “Cue Sera Sera” from Doris Day for your listening pleasure. The song has a magic that touches something deep inside us.


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