One Is the Loneliest Number or Is it?

Object consciousness is an expressing of life. Universal consciousness is ultimately the experience of being one. On the other hand, the mind overshadows the evolution of self-consciousness. Thus, mind dominance manipulates and restricts our conscious awareness. This lack of awareness contributes to our conditioned behavior. Furthermore, this development simulates separation and duality. Thus, to illustrate in words, we overlook the totality of being. Pause for a moment and reflect on this insight. Logically and ultimately, there is only presence(being). And, this is universal.


But, the mind manipulates our consciousness into playing a game. Likewise, the mind insists it knows the game rules. But what about rules that the mind doesn’t know? Here the mind insures that it will sooner or later tells us what it doesn’t know now. Alas, the weight of mind conditioning is a heavy burden on our personal and collective experiences. Additionally, belief structures have the destructive impact of a runaway locomotive. Detachment from the mind, likewise our awakening to consciousness, can change everything. Then the two, object and universal consciousness, suddenly become one.

It is only our defined and judgmental concepts and beliefs that have separated the two. There is no division of the two, except in mind-made delusions. Unconscious fixation on mind behavior has complicated the development of our awareness to consciousness. Mental behavior continues to hamper the acceptance of presence in a state of oneness.  That is why we remain confused and fearful. The mind interjects questions and anxiety into the simple act of being.

Presence Is the Experience of One

Moreover, a mental understanding of life causes dissatisfaction. The mind tells us that only it can answer the questions of life. But, the mind forgets to tell us that it is also asking the questions. Who am I? This, to illustrate, is a typical mind-oriented question. The mind generates and self-imposes itself unto our experience of life. Furthermore, questions are mind-made and usually center on definitions, assumptions, and judgements.

On the contrary, life does not ask any questions. Life does not answer any questions. Life, essentially, is and gives. It is somewhat absurd for the mind to impose its assumptions, definitions, and rules onto life. Equally, the mind should not dominate presence. Being is the experience of one totality. Yes, this sounds incredible, even unthinkable. But, that is exactly the point of our discussion. Any mind conceived interpretation of life is non-existent. Thus, these are delusional. The mind focuses on separation, duality, and complexity. Hence, the mind cannot truly grasp conscious presence and living because this is the experience of one. The oneness of being.

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my second book Simplicity of Life: Why Does Being Human Complicate Everything? I recommend the book if you are ready to let go of conditioned thoughts, beliefs, and traditional dogmas.


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