Straightforwardly as We Live and Love in Life

Love seems so wonderful when it first appears. Time seems to stand still; other people, things, and situations are irrelevant. Why does this happen? Truthfully experiencing love or life involves several things, one of which is how we focus our attention. We can use love as a practical example to determine if a person is truthfully experiencing it. And, this applies also to life. The word truthfully is useful in expressing how we should observe the unfolding of this moment. Synonyms for this word are openly, accurately, genuinely, sincerely, and honorably, to name a few. There is one additional synonym that I wish to use to expand this discussion: straightforwardly.


There is spiritual insight within and beyond either of these words, whether we use truthfully or straightforwardly to describe it. What I am referring to can be love, life, or any other object, thought, or emotion. Therefore, the key to a deeper understanding of you lies within your relationship with the mind. Thus, our relationship with the mind, the inner universe, and this moment is the highest priority in our life experience. This active observation is helpful to go beyond mind and ego adversities. It is otherwise very difficult to truthfully observe and know, much less interact with, the essence of now.

Straightforwardly on the Path of Life

The essence of this moment is your true self, or we can simplify this by saying the now reflects you. Please understand that this doesn’t suggest that you should reflect the content of any given experience. Rather, you are ultimately the vessel that holds the totality within it. A person will never be able to experience the simplicity within this moment when not observed truthfully. We can incorporate the word straightforward into a daily mantra to practice in any situation. I choose to observe this moment in a straightforward manner. Experiencing the now truthfully will reflect this energy out into the universe and back to you.

What is the truest form of purity and blissfulness? This is the acknowledgement of what is and the willingness to allow what is: regardless of the form. Thus, we experience clarity in any and all experiences. Mind details won’t distract us. And, there is no attachment or dependency placed on thoughts or feelings.


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