Pursuit of Purpose Without Having a Purpose

We are familiar with the pursuit of purpose. This relentless quest for existential validation begins in childhood. Furthermore, needing a purpose has become our prime directive in living. However, what if we are wrong? What if there is ultimately no purpose for your existence? Oh no! What will you do without a purpose and what will you be?


“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” – Lao Tzu

This simple wisdom is very accurate. Nevertheless, the mind usually wants to ignore or deny this truth. You do not need to think to live. Thinking is a by-product of living. Presence does not require thinking. But, this frightens the mind. What would you be without a reason for being? Well, you “are” with or without a purpose for being.

The Pursuit of Purpose Is Ultimately Unnecessary

How can we know this for sure? Does the sun need a reason to shine? Is its pursuit for purpose the fuel that keeps it shining? No. It does this without any plan, expectancy or purpose. We, on the other hand, insist that the sun is there for a reason. This suggests that we are attempting to inflict mind-generated definitions, demands, and illusions onto the universe. Furthermore, the sun has no need to prove anything by shining. It does this simply because it can. Likewise, you are alive because you live. That’s it. Further explanations are overstatements.

Lao Tzu suggests this in many of his teachings. This awakening has occurred and is occurring in many other people. The sun does more than we can ever conceive. It does this without actually doing anything. It most certainly does not need to pursue any purpose for being. There is a lesson for us in this analogy. Furthermore, this is beneficial insight for the expansion of our consciousness. The sun is always shining. This is true even when it is cloudy or night. It does this naturally and universally without a reason.

“The sun is a beacon. It is a gentle reminder of what is always shining within you.”

Let’s reflect on the question I asked at the beginning of this article. “What will you do without a purpose and what will you be?” You, as the manifestation of life, are essentially shining just like the sun. This is what you are doing in this second and in this moment; eternally. So, you are what you are without needing a purpose to be. Therefore, it is enough to experience this completely. Regardless of the temporary details within the now. Then a deeper clarity as an enlightened being reveals itself. This is the ultimate experience in life.


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