Quotes: Wisdom Beyond the Words

A quote is a word or phrase that has been repeated from another person. This can be in the form of a statement, book, article, lyrics and so forth. Furthermore, Quotes are often helpful signposts to a dimension of consciousness beyond the words. You have very possibly said something at some point that was original and profound.

This, whatever it is, can be considered a quote if it was copied or repeated by someone. Therefore, consider what you have shared verbally or written. The words are merely stepping stones to the universal intelligence that is beyond. Many people have shared insight that has contributed to a better understanding of our existence and life.

You may be one of these individuals. Therefore, never underestimate yourself and the innate universal intelligence that is at the core of your essence. I have structured several web pages on this site that may offer beneficial or inspirational insight for you on your journey. The topics are spirituality, philosophy, psychology and personal development.

The individuals that have shared their ideas, visions and insight are just like you. Many people begin to consciously awaken. These experiences become part of a process that will end with the realization that you are, and have always been, an enlightened being that is manifesting in the form of a person now. The universal intelligence shared through words as sign posts can be very helpful during the awakening of the true self.

There are many quotes from known and unknown writers, authors, philosophers and spiritual teachers within these pages. Do you have profound insight to share; either something that you have written or from other individuals? Please write me and I will be happy to add your personal quotes or your favorites from other individuals to these pages.


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