Experience What Is Instead of What Is Not

Words often confuse us. And the word experience is an example of this confusion. We claim that our experiences influence our behavior. Similarly, the mind is adept in placing labels and definitions onto our experiences. Thus, the mind super-imposes conditioning factors onto everything. And, we just go along for the ride.


Let’s put this into perceptive from a conscious awakening standpoint. You do not necessarily participate in any given experience through your awareness to the situation. Yes, I realize this statement is first confusing. Something happens, such as a cup of water falling from the table to the floor. You are aware that the cup has fallen. Nevertheless, your awareness does not prevent you from complaining because the cup fell. Does the immediate situation cause your discomfort? Or, are you actually reenacting a conditioned reaction from a similar circumstance?

Therefore, truthful observation reveals that conditioning patterns of what was or what will be obscure the actuality of now. For example, people use considerable energy in persuading themselves that they are either happy or unhappy. But, why? Because, people label a thing or situation as giving happiness, instead of just being happy. Why can’t a person simply be happy? Mostly because a person is not experiencing the experience of being and living…not really. We define an experience as the process of living through a situation or event. However, willingly living life in a state of being suggest the opposite of this definition. Is a moment in life similar to a stepping stone on the path of being alive? 

Openly and Directly Experience This Moment

Let’s use the analogy of stones in a mountain stream. A higher level of perceptive simplicity is beneficial in crossing a stream. We can express this as not overthinking. Presence means being there on the stone. Or, you experience standing on a stone. But, mentally you are on the next stone. Likewise, thoughts tell you what you will do when you reach the other shoreline. Thus, you (the mind) deem the stone where you stand as insignificant. However, the stone where you were and the stone where you will go are not real, except in the mind. These two stones, as examples, are what you wanted and what you want. But, this behavior does not allow you to truly experience what you have now. Therefore, only the open and direct experience of this moment shines clarity and simplicity onto everything. 

Let’s sum up this discussion with one word. Decide. You decide what you experience, either through unconscious or conscious living. Neither, as in our example, the stream nor the scattered stones decide. It is always you, and only you, that decide.

Wishing you a nice day and good health


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