Confrontations Begin and End with You

The world seems to spin around in an array of daily confrontations. It seems that demands constantly provoke us. But, are these anxieties real?  Let just say that everything seems real if that is what you think and believe. The concept of time is an example. Clock time is at the top of the list of stress factors we confront. So, let’s pause (pun intended) for a moment. Is clock time or any other concept to blame for how we interact with it? No, can be the only answer. The number of challenges seem endless. But again, I ask, are they real? Time is useless. Yes, it has a practical use. But is time a requirement to live?  No, unless you choose to live within this structure of the mind.

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The content of any experience is irrelevant. But, you choose how to observe an experience. Choose means a choice that comes from a level of consciousness. Conscious awareness means no outside influence can distort your field of presence. Also, being aware means no inner conflicts, such as from the mind. We could then stop repetitive patterns that occur in most experiences.

Confrontations Disappear When You Are Aware

Nevertheless, we are not aware. Thus, we pulled into the immediate situation. But, confrontations are never with someone or something. Difficulties, confusion, and fear arise through mind misinterpretations. These misunderstandings occur when a person looks outside him or herself for a reason or cause. We are always confronting ourselves. Doesn’t this acknowledgement make living life easier?

You are life, which, at this moment, manifests through a person. Just let life (you) be and observe how this (you) unfolds.  Then you will truly see how everything is, instead of how the mind told you something is.  Consciously choose to be aware of your unity with life. This, in turn, will allow life to harmoniously manifest in your experiences.

Suddenly, conscious space and sense of non-attachment will become your natural state of being. Likewise, you will no longer blame or judge people and things. Correspondingly, you will clearly see your relationship to how and why something unfolds.

Take care


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