Live Now and You Will Live Forever

Now is the key to consciousness. We have heard it before. It is likely that we will hear it again. Furthermore, it is the portal to balance and harmony. Therefore, your relationship with this moment determines how you will experience the next. Are you interacting with the mind or existing on autopilot? Likewise, you can ask yourself an additional question. How do I wish to live? This is of paramount importance to the awakening of consciousness. 


This question sounds philosophical. However, we can use this as a practice application for any situation. Moreover, it can simplify everything in daily activities. Eckhart Tolle had said something during a spiritual retreat that applies to our discussion. I wish to paraphrase him. Focus your energy on now. This will allow everything to take care of itself. You can live for now and live forever.

This is truly possible. Furthermore, it can be very beneficial especially during the process of conscious awakening. We should emphasis living in the now. This practice is fine. However, true conscious expansion results when we realize that words, symbols, writings or teachings are only signposts.

Be fully in the now and each consecutive now will take care of itself without needing to worry about it. Don’t think about now, instead be it.

These can be useful in guiding us back to a place we never left. However, please understand that these signposts are not it. Furthermore, you do not need any instructions on how to live now. You are doing it whether you are aware of it or not. Here it may be beneficial to repeat the question from earlier in this conversation.

“How do you wish to live?”

Remember, the now is taking care of itself without your help. Therefore, we should focus on the simplicity of this acknowledgement. The train leaves at 5:00 and you need to be on it. You have an appointment next Tuesday. These life situations have nothing and everything to do with now.

They have nothing to do with now because it is NOT five o’clock or next Tuesday. However, they have everything to do with now when it is now. Does that make sense? The mind will probably say no. However, ultimately these distractions are meaningless. Remain consciously here and now. Hence, you will live forever. Moreover, observe your relationship with the mind and realize deeply that you are not the mind. You are the now. This enlightenment will ultimately allow forever to be a peaceful experience.

Best wishes



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