Day after day details of our existence distract us from the aware presence of our being.

Details and More Details of Our Existence

It is true that any individual cannot truly change the behavior of another person or the details of a situation. However, it is possible for each person to change his or her perspective in each moment. It is very difficult for the mind to accept any given moment at face value. Nevertheless, conscious enlightenment shines through when a person acknowledges the simply act of being in this moment. Your state of being is as it is and not as the mind tells us.

Life is more than the details of our existence.

The mind tells us stories and details constructed from memory, interpretation and expectation. But, usually nothing is as the mind tells us. Thus, the mind establishes a storybook of our existence. And, the pages of this book compile daily through unawareness to this mind behavior. A person that unconsciously lives carries a heavy burden. We carry personal and collective demands, expectancy and countless insignificant existence specifics that are completely insignificant. But, actually being and accepting our existence within the flow of life is different than what the mind tells us. Do you often feel fatigue, frustration and anxiety? This dooming darkness of calamity results from not consciously observing our relationship and partnership with the mind.  Thus, personal and collective baggage fills the minds colossal storybook.

Choose Mind Details or the Isness of Living

A movie or book requires imagination and lots of particulars. But, the isness of living life is fine without additives. The act of being is…isness. And, no, I did not just stutter during writing the sentence. You are always in the presence of your beingness. However, the acknowledgment of simply being is difficult when the mind overshadows this isness with thoughts and feelings about living. I suggest reflecting deeply on the following insight. The isness of now always is, regardless if you consciously or unconsciously experience living. The mind might want everything to be different. But, what is…is. And, that’s it. There is nothing more to consider.

The necessity for the mind to reread and retell you its story of living life will fade. Instead, the beingness of this moment will readily flow through you as easily as you flow through life. At first, the mind might scream for attention through outbursts of thoughts and feelings. But, the focus of your beingness will continue to accept living. You will live without the attachments and niceties that the mind labels as how and why you should live. Nevertheless, you are not your mind. Never take thoughts or feelings too seriously. These will pass and presence remains.

The mind uses details of our existence to cloud our conscious awareness.

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