Dwell Within Life and Be Fully Alive

You live and then you cease to live. This is the simplicity of our existence. Therefore, we can say that you are now alive. Also, this seems logical and plausible. Basically, it is everything in a nutshell. Then why is it difficult to accept how life manifests in our existence? After all, believe it or not. You are responsible for how something unfolds. Or, at the least, you are responsible for how you observe something when it manifests. Are you consciously aware or unconsciously unaware? Do you dwell fully within life? This suggests living regardless of the form in which it manifests. Or are you a spiritless existence?


(Spiritless adj: Lacking energy or enthusiasm; listless. Lacking liveliness, charm, or surprise. I.e. “Complaining and anxious to suit your own thoughts, feelings, and opinions or those of others.”)

You are an object that experiences life. This means that you can mentally and self-consciously live life. Therefore, you will experience happiness, sadness, sickness, and death. However, this is not really you. The true you (universal self) is now manifesting through a temporary doorway called mind and body. Furthermore, what happens to this life-form does not define you. Unless you choose and allow it. This does not mean that you should resist what occurs. Rather, accept and dwell within everything because this nurtures conscious awareness. This suggests that simply living life is the grandest experience. Trust me, the sudden spaciousness and freedom within the acceptance of life will be awesome. Just let everything be.

Dwell Within the Flow of Universal Energy

But, the traits of our evolution are a barrier to conscious evolution. Details and distractions restrict the flow of universal energy manifesting through us. We live. But, it is questionable whether we are actually aware of what it means to live. Your first reaction (mind) could cause you to resent this statement. Nevertheless, please consider this insight from the space that is beyond a conditioned mind.

We conduct ourselves in a manner that evolves around our thought, feelings, and routines. These are primarily mind-made. Likewise, the mind tells us that enough is never enough. This causes dissatisfaction and we search for more.  However, this usually only invokes a new methodical behavior and a greater demand for more. Thus, the details of our existence are the center point by which we base living life. However, this does not confirm that you are alive. This mind behavior causes us to overlook the marvelous experience of living. The Irish Poet Oscar Wilde expressed the following insight.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
– Oscar Wilde


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