How to Add a Spice to Life

A spice adds flavor or taste to food. Therefore, let’s use this descriptive word to express your conscious awakening. Do you have a zest for life? And, do you wish to live life to its fullest? If yes, then the practice of conscious awareness is beneficial. It is a process. Everything you experience is a spice that adds flavor to life.  However, your active participation is necessary. Indeed, how you observe any moment determines the outcome of your experience.


Let’s illustrate how the flavor of life can alter through any given experience. I will use a personal experience for this example. Recently, I cleaned my apartment. Suddenly, my focus was on the reflection in a mirror. I observed my mouth. My attention remained on my mouth as the act of breathing become obvious to me.

I cannot explain how. But, my entire state of aware beingness focused on breathing. I felt the air enter and expand in my body. It was clear that breathing was the spice that gave life depth and flavor.

Every Experience Offers a Spice to Life

Obviously, I would not experience life without this breathe. Furthermore, my unconditional awareness accented the sweetness of living life. Thus, a single breath became the totality of my being.  This is a spice that gives us an opportunity to experience life.

More specifically, breathing is the spice that accents the true essence of life. breathing is a portal. Active awareness to a breath allows an awakening to the profound act of living. You experience many situations each day. These experiences invoke details in the form of mind fabrications. Nevertheless, mind details are insignificant in the conscious experience of life.

Therefore, focus on the essence of your being through the act of breathing. Aware observation of your breath is a spice of life that initiates the blossom of conscious living.

I wish you joy each day.


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