Enchantment of Life and You the Magician

There is magic within this moment. Living life is the experience of enchantment. But, not because of the details within this instant. Mind details and diversity actually cause us to overlook the isness of now. For example, memories recently overcame me while listening to music during a rainstorm. There were memories of a fireplace, reading a book, sharing time with someone, and a candle.


It first felt as if I was experiencing these memories in that instant. Consequently, I realized that the magic of any particular memory was not then but now. The mind is a vast storeroom of memories, anticipations, and anxieties that have nothing to do with this moment. Therefore, perplexity results due to a memory or memories. But, these do not have anything to do with the current situation.

The unfolding of any experience can initiate memories. These, in turn, ignites a chain reaction of thoughts nurtured by emotions and conditioned behavior. This can cause a person to remain unconscious and oblivious to the isness of now. In other words, the mind causes us to be everywhere but here and now. Hence, we remain in a state of being that is more an illusion than a reality.

Discover Life’s Enchantment Now

The moment is now. And, you can only live now. Here, within presence is the enchantment of life. Still, whether you are ready to accept the isness of now is your choice. Yes, the mind interprets thoughts, conditioned behavior, and memories as real. Nevertheless, the magic of enlightened living is beyond such superficiality. Mind details might seem genuine. But, they are not.  The mind implants a false image or images of isness onto the current situation. Then it tells us that a particular something is happening to us now. However, this something is usually only mind-made.

Still, mind projections are usually very vivid. Therefore, we disregard the real magic of being in this moment. The realization of conscious presence offers benefits that are immediate and long term (clock time). So, respond to the moment as a whole (oneness). But, don’t react to the details. Expand conscious awareness and minimize thought entanglement. Accordingly, you live and thrive beyond mind detail abstractions. Additionally, the portal between object and universal consciousness remains open.

Memories will eventually develop from within this field of awareness as a state of consciousness. This will result in experiences that are mostly free of thought manipulations and restricts. You will spontaneously see yourself, the world, and universe from a clearer perspective of unification; not separation. This is the magic of life and you are the magician.

Best wishes

P.S. I have included an oldie from The Drifters for your listening pleasure. Love is a frequency of life. So, let’s celebrate life within love. This Magic Moment


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