Awakening to Life Instead of Denying It

Existence factors add complexity to the simply state of being. At least, this is what we think. Still, we can experience a harmonious state of being through active awareness. The initial conscious awakening or enlightenment is the recognition of this state of being. We can call this being aware of awareness. Eckhart Tolle made this statement an icon.

awakeningAwakening to the dimension of life energy consciousness is the first step to exist in discovering inner peace. Dissatisfaction, worry, fear, and other ailments cause inner disharmony. Hence, the outer universe reflects the inner universe. I cannot emphasize this enough. Get the inner universe in order and the outer universe will become clear. The acknowledgement and expansion of universal consciousness is always possible. But still, difficulties arise because we disregard our true essence.

We punish ourselves through assumptions, beliefs, and definitions. Why? Because we use these in an attempt to clarify the purpose of our existence and life. I don’t wish to shock or enrage you. But, there is no purpose for our existence. Still, ultimately speaking, the universe is becoming aware of itself through us. This is profound. However, I would not call this a purpose. Rather, our existence is just a state of being with fringe benefits for the universe. But, we overlook the simplicity of living. Neither our existence (living) or life needs clarification in the absolute sense.

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Awakening to the Marvelous Realm of Consciousness

Awakening to the isness of life is gratifying.  Still, this bliss seems to never last long. Then mind thoughts and details overshadow the spaciousness found within simply being alive. Thus, we unconsciously slip back into a routine of systematic behavior.  Many people are busy searching for a means to an end that will provide enlightenment. But, you can’t find enlightenment. You can only be it. Experience the essence of space consciousness in presence. It can be no other way. 

The challenge for each person is the acceptance of this magical mystery beyond body and mind. A daily practice for an enlightened person is to consciously observe and situation. This can be thoughts, people, or details of a circumstance. Remain anchored in the presence of this moment as it is. Object and universal consciousness long-term reunification require a process. It is not enough to experience an awakening to consciousness. The process that follows this acknowledgement allows change. And, more significant is the acceptance of these changes.

Many people are awakening to the magical playground called consciousness. You will know when this happens. Just allow yourself to live and intensively observe yourself in relation to everything.  It first is frightening and feels strange.  Embrace this discovered knowledge of living and of consciousness instead of mentally running from it. Likewise, your immediate state of being and the universe around you will transform into a field of unified serenity. Everyone and everything are not truly individual entities in a vast universe. All known and unknown lies within each object as one state of being.


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