Make the Decision to Love and to Live

How often do you experience love? There is no actual research to verify how often this occurs. But, it is probably more than we realize. However, there is an interesting aspect to this question. Let’s consider loving and living relating to active conscious awareness. How we love and live is a decision. This choice is either unconscious or conscious. So, let’s reword the question. How often do you decide to love? How often do you choose to fully live?


Any decision influences our state of being. Once applied, this choice is the focus point of our brain’s output activity. This energy transfers through thoughts and emotions. These impulses directly influence our life experience. Thus, how you experience loving and living is dependent on either a conscious or unconscious act of being (Way of life). Also, unconditional love and absolute life should never be just a mental or emotional experience.  Observe love and life from within the flow of presence. Choose conscious awareness as a way of being.

Naturally the emotional side of a relationship is vital to produce the essential stimulus between two people. But, in the end, it is a choice. The brain processes between 50.000 and 70.000 thoughts each day.  A chain reaction occurs each moment during such a process. Also, and more significant, is the part of us that is universal. But, mind contamination causes the universal energy flow to become stagnant.  Therefore, the mind overshadows our decision to love and live. We reject the vastness found within presence. Instead, we tend to accept a mind restricted interpretation of love and life.

Your decision Influences Everything

I can only estimate. Still, let’s say that you have 1000 thoughts in any given hour. You focus, either unconsciously or consciously, on 100 thoughts. Furthermore, thoughts repeat themselves. So, 70 from 100 thoughts are on a repetitious cycle if you are not consciously observing your state of being. Do you wish balance and serenity in your life experience? Did you answer this question with yes? Wonderful. Step one, consciously move beyond thoughts and feelings when possible during daily activities. Step two, focus on the natural flow of universal energy. This universal vibration becomes consciously activated through your awareness. Step three, practice making decisions from within this universal conscious state of being. Thus, you walk hand in hand with life and all experiences. Henceforth, thoughts are merely insignificant details along the way.

Unfortunately, lack of aware presence usually prevents the acknowledgement of being here and now. We are usually everywhere but here, within this moment. Thus, this manipulates and restricts awareness to our conscious state of being.  The majority of people experience terrible difficulty in simply being without mind interference. Likewise, most people are ready and eager to attach themselves to thoughts and feelings. Consequently, the mind convinces us that we are these thoughts or emotions. And, that the details of these thoughts and feelings is happening now. 

Do you desire to be in love and stay within love as you live? How you observe loving and living is always a choice. And, love and life are universal energy frequencies here and now. Likewise, you are here and now. Therefore, how do you wish to love and how do you wish to live? You decide.

“Thoughts are like rain. Each thought and each drop will come and go.”

Best wishes

I hope that you are well and safe.


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