Mind and Object Consciousness: What’s Next?

It is really up to each of us to remain detached from the mind’s activities. Whereby we should eventually experience spiritual fulfillment. This is a completion, a realization; nothing more and nothing less. We experience this through absorbed universal awareness of our role to protect and guide each other during this awakening. Therefore, please know, you are not the mind with its list of thoughts and beliefs.


Consequently, we are perpetually protecting and guiding the universe and even the flow of life itself. Furthermore, the person next to you, a tree, or even a fly is not something outside of you; it is you. Looking beyond the abstracts of our existence will allow us to experience the bliss of unity.

What is beyond the mind?

Have we forgotten our true nature as a spiritual being? Yes. And, this could imply that we have become relatively non-active in all aspects of existing beyond our thoughts. We have lost the ability to feel what it means to consciously live. We disassociate existing from living. Thus, the details of our existence conceal the pureness of universal consciousness. It is simple to say that we are conscious. Saying it is simple, but being aware of it proves to be much more difficult for most of us.

Likewise, humankind’s conditioning has caused behavioral patterns that usually complicate everything in our existence. A person usually cannot simply accept life and live it. It can be really confusing for us to grasp. And, it would seem that trying to understand life energy consciousness only confuses us even more. Is the oneness of life really that complex? Our conditioned behavior makes us think everything is complex. But, I prefer to say that it is not as complex as we believe. Furthermore, our evolution has given us the opportunity to reach the next stage of object consciousness.

“Our relationship with the mind can change everything. How we clearly observe the mind and our own interaction with it determines if, what, and how something will manifest.”

Best wishes


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