Your Role in the Source Code of Life

Both life and love energy can nurture our true inner nature. This acknowledgement allows an uninhibited conscious awakening, when we are ready.  Conscious awakening could signify a turning point in our evolution. The evolution of humankind’s mental and physical development guides us down a path of confusion. And, it first appears as if this is a path of no return. Still, self-consciousness is the gateway to universal consciousness. We are aware of ourselves, life and the universe. Thus, it is possible to find The Way back to the source. The source, which is universal, is the true nature of being. This is the isness of now.


However, we create an illusion of separation through assumptions, beliefs and conditioning. This causes a misinterpretation of life and love. Therefore, people base living and loving strictly on conceptual interpretations.  Since the dawn of self-consciousness our development consists of every-changing, self-inflected complexity. And, the mind dominates self-consciousness. Hence, we live in a state of unawareness. It is understandable that we have lost our way. And yet, self-consciousness is the key to our conscious awareness evolution at a universal level.

Life Is a Universal Open Source Experience

The possibilities for creativity and intelligence development are seemingly endless. However, that is to say, the mind needs consciousness but consciousness doesn’t need the mind. To illustrate, the mind gives us a vast realm of creativity. But, does the minds use of creativity make us intelligent? The answer yes is probably how you react to this question. And, your argument might be that our level of consciousness corresponds with the expansion of our intelligence. Is this really true? Not necessarily. We are clever and very creative in daily activities. Nevertheless, unconscious cleverness and creativity have little to do with conscious intelligence.

Knowing doesn’t always originate from fact-finding and imagination. There is a knowledge resonating within us, through us, and around us. There is a true knowing within the experience of life and of love. It is a source intelligence that derives through the simple act of being. This is the isness of living life. And, universal energy nurtures this state of being. Furthermore, we need not search, expect, or even demand it. There is always life. There is always love. Both, have a baseline of energy. The key is to look beyond the mind and simply know, accept, and allow the experience of being.

Wishing you a nice day.


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