Self-observation and Consciousness

Many people understand consciousness and spirituality as an expression of the self. And, instantly, the mind confuses this as a reference to the person, such as the human self or self-consciousness. Therefore, the mind restricts access to our innate knowledge of a true, universal self. Thus, ego and conditioned behavior block out the flow of universal life oneness. The mind insists that there is only the self from a human being standpoint. However, consciousness and self are ultimately an act of self-observation without mind interaction.


Therefore, do you wish to take a closer look at the self beyond yourself? If yes, this is easier than you might think. Look at everything surrounding you now. Where you are and what you are doing is of no importance because these are merely mind details. What do you see when you look around? What you are observing is yourself. You as a presence of being (self) are essentially in everything. Thus, this self-observation is not a reference to yourself the human form, the mental, emotional, and physical you. Instead, this refers to the self, the one that is universal. Ultimately both are one and the same as a singular state of being. But, let’s take one conscious step after the other. Let’s briefly reflect on both, the human and universal self as in inquiry into consciously living.

Conscious Self-observation Offers Clarity

The mind focuses energy on your mental, physical, or emotional behavior patterns. Assumptions, beliefs, judgments, fear and ego are characteristics of these behavior patterns. When you focus your attention on something, you most likely use this mind behaviorism to determine and define the experience. This is true whether it is something you visually focus your attention on or something that you mentally focus on. Both, are emotional and thought reactions.

Thus, everything is an experience of the mind. And, this type of interaction has nothing to do with the actuality of any given moment. Therefore, you will always see your mind self when visually or mentally focusing on something. But, this limits the blossoming of conscious interaction and suppresses conscious expansion.

What is the alternative to mind perspective? Obviously, conscious awareness offers a broader perception. And, conscious living is possible when you are ready to see beyond the mind. This type of self-observation is different than what the mind has taught you to see. Furthermore, this unconditional focused viewpoint requires active conscious participation in the moment as it happens. This is not really an easy task in the beginning of the transformation to a deeper unity with life. Nevertheless, life, so to speak, is always there with open arms. And, your conscious participation initiates the expansion of balance and harmony in your experience of life.

Wishing you a nice day.


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