Share and Be Aware of Living Life

I wish to express my gratitude to you. We share experiences. These encounters offer us mental and conscious expansion when we are aware. Hopefully, my ideas and insights are beneficial to you as stepping stones on your inner journey. Likewise, I learn from you through our interactions. 


We share life. This is the greatest gift to experience. Sadly, we often become so occupied with existence details and distractions that we overlook the simple bliss of living life.

The activities of our existence confuse and cause fear. This is because we base everything on temporary superficiality and details. Thus, we define our life experience as something to reach with strenuous effort.  Mind Conditioning overshadows our life experience. So, most people view balance and harmony as a fantasy or paradise. Furthermore, the majority of people think or belief that we can only reach this paradise through mind details. And, still very prevalent is the thought or belief that materialistic things will give us happiness and peace.

Share Life Consciously and Be Here Now

I tend to write on an on. Therefore, I feel it would be best to close this article with a hearty thank you to each person. You are capable of so much beauty and this extends out into the universe. I become more conscious through you, and you through me. Thus, again, I wish to thank you. Are you ready to take the next step and be free of the mind? Awaken to the blissfulness of life without confusing mind interpretations and definitions of it with the truth of living life. Therefore, practice recognizing your relationship with the mind and your inner universe in daily situations.

But, awareness to our life experience doesn’t mean living life will be perfect. There are no merits to achieve by doing good or bad. What you do or not do will not necessarily reward you with paradise or condemn you to Hell.  Life is an energy occurrence in the universe. We can fully experience living life through an aware state of being.

We have mostly forgotten how easy it is just to live and experience the totality of life. However, people awaken to this fact more than ever before in our history. There is a shift occurring worldwide. Thus, this transformation has the potential to blossom into an era of conscious evolution for our species.

Best wishes, be safe, and always be an active observer of life. This is the greatest experience and honor you can give the universe.


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