Negativity Be Gone! But, Will This Really Help?

We struggle against an energy frequency called negativity. Everyone tells us to abolish negative thinking. How? By thinking positive thoughts. Why do we negatively think? Perhaps because it is the opposite of positively thinking. Why? Because conditioning causes us to see everything as good or bad and right and wrong. Thus, this compels us to take a side. Either, we must choose one or the other. Most often, we choose negativity as a viewpoint.


We can refer to this behavior as dualism. Therefore, we experience everything as parts and not the whole. Is this a universal or object created phenomenon? Who can say for sure. We are familiar with ideas and methods to fight negativity. The most typical example is to use the statement, think positive. There are also many people that feel it is important to be a light warrior or light worker. These, in themselves, are nothing but titles. Such words describe a method to share energy, healing or love.

So, the intentions surrounding any given thought or idea can and will usually influence how something manifests. We exist in a state of object consciousness. Object consciousness is a stepping stone to universal consciousness. But, please don’t let words fool you. The terms object or universal consciousness are classic examples of dualism. And, ultimately, words and definitions used to describe consciousness are insignificant. Consciousness is simply there to experience. So, why differentiate between human defined frequencies of something we call consciousness?

What Is Beyond Mind-Generated Negativity?

Furthermore, and for this reason, many people remain stuck at a so-called level of self-consciousness. He or she thinks they got it (conscious enlightenment) But, more often than not, this is just a mind misconception. Hence, the mind tells us to think positive. Additionally, the mind reassures our human self-consciousness that this is the way to balance and serenity. Accordingly, this is currently how the majority of people exist. But, please note that existing is not the same as living. Still, the mind insists that you are conscious because you think and belief this to be true. However, thinking and believing about consciousness is not the same as consciously being and living.

Thus, the mind restricts us to a limited path in our life experience. Mental barriers interfere with our life experience of the totality. An experience of universal proportion is always here and now. However, such concepts as negativity and positivity hamper the acknowledgement of our universality. There is a conscious stepping stone that I wish to give you within this insight. Practice non-attachment and non-dependency to mind-generated concepts of this or that. Live within the moment itself without mind limitations. This seems difficult at first. But, this limited mind path will dissolve as a wider horizon of conscious being unfolds for you.

Choose to live from a place beyond mind and object self-consciousness and you will experience universal enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

Wishing you a nice day


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