Detachment or Non-attachment? Why not Both?

Let’s start by clarifying what each word represents to us for practical purposes. There is a difference and yet there is not. Therefore, the practice of both can be very beneficial in the process of conscious awakening. Why? Because detachment is a vital stepping stone to non-attachment. Accordingly, Wikipedia categorizes both with the same meaning. Still it is always best to remember that these are only words. We undergo a transformation from mind existence to conscious living. This is the experience of being. There is ultimately no need to label the act of being alive. Nor is there a need to define or explain how we became aware of consciousness.  



Still, let’s establish a common understanding. Detachment can, at first, cause avoidance, separation, and suffering. But, please don’t let this distract you. This is because the process also allows us to awaken. A shift in our state of being (living) begins. Detachment is the minds attempt to not care when you actually do care. To not love when you do truly love. This disinterest in living and loving is only a mind-illusion. It is not the true self.

Detachment Causes Suffering and Non-attachment Offers Clarity

Non-attachment will become prevalent in our experiences. This impartiality offers a deeper connection with life. Henceforth our involvement with life becomes the basis for being. Thus, the details of our existence become secondary. We realize that we are in this world but not of it.

Non-attachment implies thinking without becoming the thoughts. It suggests feeling but not yielding to the emotions. We can also call this living in clarity (presence). This practice is significant to the flow of conscious energy. Non-attachment allows you to be. You will consciously live. Thus, you won’t interpret a thought or feeling as being you. You will observe everything from beyond the limitations of thoughts and feelings.

“Practice experiencing everything in a state of non-expectancy and non-attachment. The beauty of living will sudden become clear.” 

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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