Bees and Butterflies: Pain or Pleasure?

Bees and butterflies fly around your head. Are you afraid. Or do you feel delight? Does the buzz of a bee cause you frustration? The flight of a butterfly probably gives you delight. But why? Well, our reaction to the bee or the butterfly illustrate conditioned behavior. Both bee and butterfly are symbolic and insignificant. Does this surprise you? Let this statement sink in for a moment before we continue. Experiences are temporary in reference to the details of a situation. But, the moment is real in reference to the spaciousness within the experience.  


Bees fly from flower to flower. Butterflies fly from place to place. Why do we differentiate between the two? The bee causes fear. Not because the bee is fearful. But, because we think that it is dreadful. So, we make the experience personal. The bee wants to sting us. Or, at least, this is what we think. But, the thought is an illusion. Thus, insignificant to the present experience. However, lets be fair to the bee by given an example of the butterfly. A butterfly glides around our head. We think of joy. But, this joy is also temporary, also an illusion.

Bees, Butterflies, and All Things Are Temporary

What? No way! This is probably what you are saying to yourself. Still, it doesn’t matter what the mind thinks. All things are temporary. Unconscious living nurtures a temporal state of existing. While, on the other hand, conscious awareness is neither temporary nor permanent.  However, awaken consciousness is limitless. But, never this or that. And yet is everything. Eckhart Tolle shares a wisdom that offers a simplicity relating to our state of being. There is only ever now. And, both, the unmanifested and manifested are within this space.

How is this insight helpful? Ask yourself this question. How do I experience a bee or butterfly? Similarly, ask yourself. What am I manifesting into the spaciousness of this moment…into this particular experience?  Do you unconsciously or consciously experience any given moment? Your answer determines how you observe the details within this moment…within your state of being.

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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