The Gateway to Your Home

Your deepest and purest wish is to return home. Isn’t it? Home, in reference to our conversation, illustrates self-discovery and self-being. You are looking for what makes you, you. A hundred things happen every day. And, usually, you react to each experience in a certain way. However, you usually don’t know why. But, your wish is to know. Thus, you search and search more for answers about yourself. However, through my own personal experience, I assure you the gateway to all answers reveals itself from within. The focus of your presence here and now offers stepping stones in self-reflection and self-realization.


So, let’s view the process of conscious awakening as hiking on a trail of your choice.  The path is the way in life that you choose. Yes, you read this correctly.  Please recognize that you are choosing the way, whether you are consciously aware or not. And, your ultimate wish is to return home to the true self of your being. The conscious experience of the true self explains the who, what and why without the need to search for anything. Everything is already within you. Nevertheless, daily experiences often confuse and frighten you. Thus, distractions of the mind obscure the gateway to the inner self.

Clear Away Entanglements of the Mind and Open the Gateway to Self-Discovery

The practice of conscious awareness offers clarity about your behavior. The insight I share with you now is the result of a dream last night. I am fortunate to have lucid dreams that are very vivid. This particular dream gave me an opportunity to accompany myself during my youth. There, I saw, with obvious clarity, the reason for a given behavior pattern. Equally, and instantly, I knew exactly how and why this conditioned behavior influenced choices on my path of life. I awoke from the dream in a state of calm bliss. This is because the dream gave me a beneficial stepping stone to self-discovery.

It is the practice of aware presence and process of conscious awakening that offers spaciousness on the path of self-discovery. Mind-dominated dreams and daily experiences plagued me as a youth. However, conscious awakening and the inner journey gives me the space to experience the true self in dreams and experiences. An aware state of being is possible for anyone that is ready to start the inner journey home. Within your being is the freedom, balance and calmness you seek. And, this state of being is your true home.


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