Bobbing for Apples and Conscious Living

Yes, what I wish to share with you today is related to bobbing for apples. But, not in the customary manner that many people are familiar. I was running today as part of my ongoing physical therapy. This is bodily painful but mentally and spiritually beneficial because I have always loved to jog. So, there I was jogging away. The sun was shining and the birds where singing. Well, maybe the bird song was only in my heart. 😊


I was very active in marathon running years ago. The runner’s high that people often talk about is possible and can be very beneficial to object consciousness development. You (the mind) may still be pondering on the relationship between bobbing for apples and conscious awareness. I will get to this shortly. But, first we should discuss and reflect on a few things. The reason for mentioning the runner’s high is because it is a portal to living more consciously. Not only this but, it is possible to experience without running everywhere you go. 😊 Moreover, I wish to share an exercise that can be beneficial in the conscious awakening process.

So, as I mentioned above. I was jogging. There has always been stages of behavior that I experience during running. These consist primarily of three phases. The beginning is a physical thing until the body adjusts. Then, it is a mental game. The mental drama and its duration will always vary from person to person. The final step is tingling awareness and a feeling of harmony and balance. The significance of what I share today lies in the crossover from the second to the third phase.

Bobbing Thoughts and Non-Attachment

There were various thoughts demanding attention as I ran. The variation and number of these thoughts was almost staggering during any given moment. The mind would say “stop running”, “what happened at work yesterday”, “what would you like to share with everyone in the next article” etc. I started to smile at this point because it was possible to observe what the mind was doing. Therefore, these thoughts were mostly insignificant to me. I didn’t take them too seriously. This non-attachment allowed space. It was inspiring. The thoughts became apples in water that were bobbing around in my head. These mind opinions started to bounce more and more. Suddenly, I could actually sense each thought literally jumping out of my head. Abandoning ship, so to say. This was a rather weird sensation.

There I was running. My head bounced back and forth. I observed each thought as it bounced up and down and then flew out of my state of focused awareness. Please try this exercise by observing your thoughts as they hop around in your head. But, remain non-attached to them. Realize deeply that it is there but has no significance. Then, use focused attention to follow the bouncing thought as it leaps out of your head. It is not as difficult as it may sound. And, I repeat, you do not need to go jogging to experience this state of non-attachment to the mind’s activities. 😊 You can practice it in every situation. It will become easier and easier with each attempt.

Wishing you a nice day!

P.S. The included video links share profound insights from Sadhguru and Eckhart Tolle about excessive thinking.


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