The Totality of Living Life Is Now

You experience the totality of everything is each moment. But, the mind won’t accept this insight. So, you must go beyond conventional thinking.  Here, non-attachment and non-dependency are beneficial. Sages and conscious individuals express again and again the benefits of conscious living within this moment. Eckhart Tolle describes the present moment as all you will ever have. So, is this the totality of life? Don’t answer too quickly. Instead, consciously step outside your mind. Thus, it becomes obvious that, indeed, this moment is everything. 


Buddha once said that Life can only take place in the present moment. You can’t dispute this logic. Everything that is, was or will be, happens now. Thus, the beingness of living is an acknowledgement of presence. The process of thinking cannot accept, nor simply allow the act of being. Hence, the totality of your beingness is incomprehensible to the mind.

The Totality of Your Beingness

The totality of everything is too much for the brain to absorb. The mind is more likely to just avoid such considerations. Or, even worst, the mind will seek reasons, definitions and labels for everything. Thus, the mind complicates the simplicity of unconditioned presence through misinterpretation. You are the ultimate being because the universe experiences itself through you.

Everything is the opposite of nothing, in physical terms. But the totality is both everything and nothing. Beingness, let’s express this as isness, is the whole of something. So, what is this something you experience during your isness? This refers to the moment which is the whole of everything that is here now. It is not necessary to add details to being within now. Being is enough as everything naturally manifests.  Therefore, don’t let the mind bog you down with questions and expectations. Acknowledge that it is the mind that needs interpretations, definitions and answers to questions. You, on the other hand, have everything here and now. And, you are not your mind. Acknowledge that everything aligns with your observation of now. Then ask yourself the following. Am I observing this moment as it is now? Or, is this moment a mind-generated experience?

“Life is not happening to you, you are happening to life.”

Wishing you a happy day


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