Spilled Milk Causes Confusion

Have you every spilled milk or experience some other mishap? This happens to everyone and usually many times every day. Nevertheless, is any experience really that serious?  We can reassuringly answer this question with a no. But, everyone reacts differently. The unconscious or conscious understanding of life influences a person’s behavior patterns. Thus, I am not suggesting that you will not or should not react seriously to any encounter. After all, our experiences are relatively serious but not absolutely. However, I ask that you consciously respond, instead of unconsciously reacting when something happens.


Therefore, our conversation relates to the practice of conscious awareness during daily activities. Firstly, it is accurate to write that people take the details of most experiences too seriously.  It would also be beneficial to accept the actuality of any given situation that the mind labels as serious. Spilled milk is a useful example for our discussion. Let’s consciously observe the aftermath of a glass of milk that spills. Let’s keep it simple. You pour milk. The glass tips and the milk flows unto the kitchen counter and floor. Let’s freeze this image. Ask yourself.  What happens when milk spills? Please focus on the obvious answer because the easiest answer is the most likely answer 😊.

Yes, that’s right. The milk spills. Nothing more and nothing less. Any ifs, buts or whys will not change the fact that the milk has spilled.  Furthermore, you cannot alter what has happened by unconsciously listening to mind feedback. (thoughts, feelings or beliefs)

The Milk has Spilled, Now What?

Now recall how often a similar experience happens each day. The mind cleverly initiates stories that an unconscious person accepts. Let’s use the milk as an example of this story-telling. A glass falls and milk sloshes out, onto the floor. That’s it. But, the mind needs a story to justify why. The following are examples of the mind’s reaction. The milk spilt because I was in a hurry to watch TV. Someone or something upset me and the milk spilt. The list of mind excuses goes on and on. The mind wants to rationalize and define through explanations. Nonetheless, these mind clarifications are usually inaccurate attempts that complicate, instead of simplify. Thus, this mind behavior compiles most people to analyze and explain every scenario.

However, what if you unconditionally acknowledge and accept that the milk spilt? Here, once again, the practice of non-attachment and non-dependency is very beneficial to the experience of balance and harmony. I close this conversation with a question for your consideration. Why do you insist on complicating a situation? Complexity, confusion and anxiety result in any moment that you unconsciously resist. The bottom line is that life is not nearly as serious as the mind tells you.

Wishing you a joyful day

P.S. I included a Psychology Today article link that relates to the above insight.


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