Free Yourself from the Mind and Simply Live

The word free in itself is just a word. The universal knowledge of what this entails is something quite different. The human heart, the mind, and consciousness all sense the truth of this word. Being free is something that only you can experience when you are ready. Serenity is there in each moment. The world of humankind will always demand. However, this is basically a mind-created illusion. The mind tells you that this is how you should see yourself and everything beyond your own form. This can change through a shift in self-perspective. The world will continue to demand if you allow it. This, however, does not mean that you must mentally or physically undertake any action or reaction to stop experiencing this feeling that the world wants something from you.


Awakening consciously involves recognizing and releasing the plaguing thoughts that often dominate our daily activities. The mind confuses the simplicity of oneness with the complexity of life-form existence. A simple shift in awareness and observing how you react to thoughts can open up more and more space in each experience.

Free without Demands

Many would say that there is an actual need.
Is this so true?
Do you or I really need?
If so, what do you or I need?
Everywhere I look, there seems to be a wanting.
It is nothing less than an actual demanding.
Wanting is followed by demanding, it would seem.
How could this be?

The children so young, still others somewhat grown.
Age, size, or shape really does not matter.
There is mostly dissatisfaction in everyone.
Some claim to need; most simply want.
It is in the rich and somewhat less in the poor.
It really does not matter who you are.
There it is: give me this or give me that.

Why is this, we may ask, quite naturally so.
What is this apparent needing, this costly wanting?
Why is there this obsessive demanding?
Is it a fever found only in humankind?
It is a sickness from long before.
It began in the mind, pushed on through time.
The cure, I feel, is known…but seldom to be used.
It was lost long ago; why? No one knows.

The cure is no secret.
It was there from the start.
Look simply to what can be found in life.
There is the key.
We are this gift of life.
Not this existence consisting of you or me.
I speak of true life in its entirety.
Life is more than enough for you or me.
Just let life be and you will see.

Life, in its oneness, will set you free.

P.S. This is a page 116 excerpt from my latest book Love Will Show You The way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance.


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