Social Development and How You Live

Modern social structure development began around 10,000 years ago. Thus, more people were sharing ideas, assumptions and beliefs on a day to day basis. This era possibly increased aspects of our conditioned behavior in reference to the mind dominating our life experience. Searching, assuming and labeling details in our existence dominate our evolution. Additionally, more verbal and written interaction overwhelms our natural conscious awareness of life and our state of presence. 


And, one primary factor remains constant throughout our personal and social development. We do not acknowledge or accept the essence of living and being.  Equally, conformity often results as a by-product of social and personal developmental factors. Still, we innately know that we are here and now. We feel the beingness of our person. Yet, the mind causes interference and we attach our sense of being to these thoughts and feelings. Thus, we mistakenly accept the mind’s misapprehensions to be our true self. Thus, thoughts and feelings about living life consume our conscious presence of being and living.

Social and Personal Existence Delusions

Accordingly, a consciously unaware person will manifest mind generated illusions outward into the universe. These behavior patterns manifest over and over unless a person awakens to the true essence of their beingness.  Until then, conscious awareness cannot truly blossom and evolve because of unobserved mind behavior. Universal consciousness offers us everything we so desperately seek. Still, for this moment, the majority of people continue to ignore the possibilities within the vastness of conscious presence. Nevertheless, the experience of aware beingness is here and is possible now. Therefore, it is beneficial to practice non-attachment and non-dependency to thoughts and feelings each day in all situations.

Clarity and conscious enlightenment are obvious when we let go of the attachment to mind behavior. We need to disregard the old patterns of mind conditioning thoughts, feelings and ego. This repetitive cycle consisting of searching, interpreting, and judging causes attachment and dependency to insignificant thoughts. These factors only contribute to strengthening mind-made illusions. This keeps us confined to the mind’s disillusions. Hence, unawareness, redundancy and fear replace balance, harmony and conscious awareness during the experience of life.


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