Infinite Consciousness and Limitations of the Mind

The following is in response to George Ionita’s (Facebook) recent question about Ramana Maharshi’s insight relating to consciousness. Do you often feel uneasy? Does it seem that you are suffocating due to daily activities and interactions?  These are limitations of the mind. Yes, I realize that we think that the mind is the answer to all questions. But, the mind is a box. Our essence, on the other hand, is infinite. So, now is the moment for us to go outside of this box. Then we can experience how it feels to unconventionally and unconditionally live.


Our natural state of being is outside the limits of conventional thinking. But, the mind has kept us closed up within a self-constructed box that it has defined as “our” reality. That is to say. Until now. The emphasized is on the now as a portal to conscious awareness. How do you feel after reading the insight within these sentences? Does something deep within you silently, but encouragingly, acknowledge this unlimited space as you true essence? Trust this feeling because your awareness is allowing universal consciousness to flow unrestricted by the mind.

Infinite Possibilities Beyond the Mind

“Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.” – Ramana Maharshi

Let’s consider Ramana Maharshi’s insight. This is George’s question relating to this quote and my article. ‘Mind is consciousness which has put on limitation.’ Can you Steve, name a few of them (limitations), please? An example would make me fully understand this wonderful post! Thank you!

There are countless examples of how the mind limits and even restricts the flow of conscious energy. Our entire mind-based existence is an example of the infinite space that has been confined to a mind-constructed box. The personal experience I share in the video was very beneficial to my conscious awareness awakening. Likewise, you will start to experience this inner space consciousness in more and more situations. The lid has been opened to the mind-made box that has imprisoned your true essence. Now the shifting process has begun. You are awake and know how to leave the restrictions imposed by of the mind.

George, thank you for sharing this question with me and others. Hopefully the insight I have shared is helpful. Silently look within your inner universe. Practice this each day. Everything you seek is there within. There, you will discover the path that leads out of the mind created box.

Wishing you a joyful and safe day


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