Flow with Life and Embrace the Way

Let’s start this article with a simple exercise. How does it feel to embrace something or someone? This experience is a helpful stepping stone as you awaken to consciousness. Is embracing something or someone strictly a physical experience? There is much more to this interaction. Everything transfers energy. Likewise, holding something or someone is the sensation of sharing at various levels. However, the essence of this unified energy is constant. Only the frequency alters, depending on an object’s acceptance or resistance to this flow. 


Now gently embrace yourself. Consciously go beyond the physical stimulation. Thus, you equally allow awareness to expand. Visualize the drift and manifestation of energy. And, don’t guide or influence this energy. Simply acknowledge the flow and let it drift along. Likewise, recognize that you are a vibrating part of this universal movement. Embracing your physical body enhances aware presence. Accordingly, the mind loses influence over your state of presence as you flow with this universal life stream.

Embrace Who You Are as You Flow with Life

The next conscious step is the visualization of everything in the universe embracing you. This totality is the essence of your being. Therefore, allowing universal energy to flow nurtures a dimension within your conscious expansion. The mind will offer resistance and tell you it is impossible for the universe to embrace you. Furthermore, the mind will insist that you cannot embrace anything beyond your physical reach. I suggest allowing the mind to chatter away. But, don’t take these mind stories and thoughts too seriously. You have capabilities far beyond mind established limitations.

Here is an additional stepping stone that might benefit your conscious awakening. People, especially in areas of philosophy and spirituality place emphasis on living in the now. But, this emphasis often confuses people.  Especially, for someone who has just started the conscious awakening process. This confusion overwhelms many individuals who try to find a meaning to living in the now.  But, now is just a word. At best, a word is a sign post. Therefore, don’t focus on the word as a means to an end. Instead, focus on presence as a state of being. This suggests simply being without labels and attachments. And, you do this best by not doing anything. Don’t let the mind fool you into always searching for something that you are already. You are presence. Thus, merely allow consciousness to blossom in your daily experiences.

I wish you a happy and safe day


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