Friendship Is Being True-Blue!

Do you have many friends? We use the word friend too often. Thus, it has no real significance or depth. Furthermore, this mannerism is a conditioned behavior. Thus, we have expectations and there are attachments. Wikipedia defines friendship as “A relationship of mutual affection between two people.”


Also, this affection can include relationships between more than two people. We base friendship, even love, on thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Likewise, and more often, we establish friendship through mutually conceived ideas, desires, and needs. This behavior causes attachment. Attachments and expectancy cause imbalance in the simple act of being. Being suggests simply living to live. Therefore, base an unconditional alliance, whether friend, family or partner on simply being.

I wish to determine a common denominator for the misunderstandings that often occur in friendship and love. We are quick to express feelings of friendship or love. We tend to like, befriend, and even love based on like-mindedness. (The concept of agreement.) But a person or group will readily turn their back on you. Is this true friendship? No. Therefore it is wise to practice non-attachment to all concepts of friendship, love, and living life.

Let’s look at the world around us and our method of thinking. We base experiences on conceptualization. We also do this is our search for enlightenment. But, enlightenment is not a magical word that transforms everything from dark to light.

Enlightenment, friendship or any word is nothing more than an attempt to define something that we experience. Living life is beyond any mind conceptualization. At best, anything of the mind can be a gateway to the space consciousness beyond.

There is a dimension of nothingness that is beyond mind. Nevertheless, the mind, and self-consciousness offer a portal to the space of unlimited awareness.

Unlimited awareness, is a reference to the state of pure conscious being without mind-created barriers. The gateway is within the isness of now. Moreover, your relationship the mind and your inner universe determine your state of being. Hence, this clarity will reflect into the outer universe. You exist as everything and you are now. Firstly, and always be true-blue to the self. This is the real you.

Best wishes


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