A Lesson in Conscious Awakening

Conscious awareness anchors you in active presence. And, everything offers you a lesson as you walk the inner path of self-discovery. Thus, the benefits of conscious presence become obvious as you awaken more and more during everyday interactions. Conscious awakening and shifting from thought-based living to conscious living often seems overwhelming, even impossible. However, this only seems difficult until you are able and ready to release yourself from the mind. Please understand, the mind needs you. But, you do not need the mind. That is to say, your conscious beingness is an extension of universal energy without thought or emotion.


I share two personal examples below as examples of universal energy manifestation resulting from my influence on this flow. You, I and everyone either consciously or unconsciously observe the manifestation of universal energy. Likewise, I assure you that you have constant influence over your life experience. You will know everything differently once you shift to consciously observing your interaction with life. Conscious awakening is a lesson in unconditional living. Therefore, the acknowledgement and active observation of how you live offers you spiritual enlightenment.

Every Situation Offers a Lesson in Conscious Presence Awakening

Lesson one:

I noticed the hand soap dispenser on the bathroom sink. The dispenser was slightly covered with soap. Thus, I told myself to wipe of the excess soap the next time I cleaned the bathroom. A few weeks later I bumped the soap dispenser as I was bushing my teeth. It fell into the sink and under the running water. Instantly, I knew this happened because I had told myself to clean the soap from the dispenser weeks ago. But, I had forgotten the last time I cleaned the bathroom. Nevertheless, the flow of universal energy manifested my desire.

Lesson two:

A few days ago, I needed to use the toilet. However, I expected a package in the mail that day. I was apprehensive about using the toilet in that moment because the mailman might ring the doorbell. And, it would not be possible to go to the door if I was in the bathroom. Well, I decided that using the toilet took priority over answer the doorbell. Later that day, I realized that the package would not come that day. I had forgotten to confirm the order for shipment. I confirmed the order and it was due yesterday. I used the toilet yesterday without realizing that the package would arrive. Guess what happened as I was in the bathroom? Yes, exactly, the mailman rang the doorbell to delivery the package.

The situations illustrate aware and unaware interaction with universal energy. Furthermore, we are always influencing the flow and manifestation of this flow. Therefore, disregard mind expectations and demands about your existence. What manifests in your existence depends on your relationship with the mind and how you now see yourself. Only active observation of the mind and your inner universe can alter how you interact with people, things, and situations. And, ultimately this decides how you live life.


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