Yo-yo and the Path in Life

What happens when you play with a yo-yo? You release it from your hand. You expect it to go down. And you want it to return upward to your hand. However, this doesn’t always happen. Then what? Everything doesn’t happen like the mind tells you. This is partly because it is making up the game/story as you go along.


Playing with a yo-yo is similar to the search for enlightenment for many people. Expectations are many during the search. But Why? The simplest answer. It is human nature. Still we are more than just human. Every object is much more than just a thing made up of biological components. This acknowledgment is the master key to living in a state of enlightenment. Please remember that the circumstances of your existence will always be there.  People, things and situation do not change. But you can.

Yo-yo that Is the Way It Goes

Then how you observe yourself and the universe will completely change. An enlightened (consciously awakened) being realizes existence limitations. There is no longer a want or demand to change or avoid something. It is what is now. This also reflects the example of a yo-yo. It goes down. And it goes up. But not always. Practice observing the conditioned mind.

The current situation (yo-yo, work, boss, traffic jam, health problem) is only the trigger. Our behavior is the result of conditioned reactions. Therefore, unconsciousness dictates that we react to a mind reaction (cause). On the other hand, living consciously suggests experiencing the same situation. But not become attached to it. You are aware without attachment.

There will be no expectancy. Hence you realize your spiritual fulfillment without needing anything. It is not possible to find or get something that you already are. This is enlightenment and true non-attachment.

“Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” – Buddha

Wishing you a happy day!


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