Are We Just Like Dust in the Wind?

Is there any truth to the saying we are just like dust in the wind? Is everything meaningless? The unconscious person will say yes. No one is sure who wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. However, this person understood the meaninglessness of our mind-generated existence. This is the Passage from Ecclesiastes as translated in the Bible (ISV).

“I observed every activity done on earth. My conclusion: all of it is pointless—like chasing after the wind.”
Ecclesiastes 1:14, Bible (ISV)


Nevertheless, we are approaching a period of conscious evolution. We no longer continue down a path of delusion-induced duality and insignificant mind details. People around the world are awakening to a different understanding of humanity and life. This could allow humankind to accept our existence. And through this acceptance we may end suffering while nurturing conscious expansion. We are embracing the universal self within us that is beyond mind and body.

Dust Thrown in the Wind

We seem to fly through life.
Are we just like dust in the wind?
The universe is so large, we say.
So, we cry and want to understand.
We, however, seem so small.

We come from somewhere and we will go somewhere.
Taught how to think and how to believe.
Not heard, not seen, but suddenly there.
Existing is one thing.
However, to understand why—that is another.
There is no satisfaction.
There must always be a how, why, and when.
Could it be…must it be so difficult?
It would be so simple to just be.
There are not reasons, and surely no rhymes.

Dust Drifting Through Life

We usually drift about in life.
Still, the truth is there.
Some seem to know, others dare not let it show.
Most view our existence as having a purpose.
Still others call it mundane, rather plain.
Some believe that we can explain life.

Some insist that something called fate is to blame.
Others resist, always insisting life has a twist.
People say that life has a beginning.
These same people persuade others.
They say that it will all have an end.
However, life is life, to be is all.
Whether seen as great or small.
It is.
Life does not give or take.
It does not bargain or debate.
I am gliding to and fro.
I twist this way and that.

Nonetheless, I will never look back.
Life is not what I am
Nor is it what I will be.
Life is not what I think.
And, I am not really me.
Furthermore, you are not really you.
Rather, everything is one.


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