Complexity Must not Be a Way of Life

Simplicity is within every molecule of the universe. No, I am not oversimplifying nor making an inaccurate suggestion.  Life is. Being is. Things are. We are. This is the equation of beingness.  Thus, we are part of a universality that is essentially simple. This simplicity flows thought all objects in a state of being. But, we have somehow lost touch with this enlightening knowledge. Likely, the confusion, fear, and manipulation apparent in our existence are a direct result of evolution and social development. There is a very dark shadow hovering over humankind, which is mostly unknown to most of us. Its influence and overwhelming power are, however, very real on the level of our experiences. Complexity in life is a standard assumption based on pragmatism. This has become the rule of thumb in daily activities.


Likewise, evolution and mind-conditioning cause us to be unaware. We live in a state of unconscious beingness. Remember, being is. Nothing more and nothing less. Life is a manifestation of being. We can call life a frequency of the universal. This frequency, as with all energy, is of one source. So, why do we take this simplicity and twist it into complex structures. Complexity, which we deem as being a true reality, is only a mind-made construction. Thus, we generate a very misconstrued state of being. The mind does this by manufacturing a world of abstracts and illusions. A dominating mind causes difficulty and suffering due to misinterpretations of living here and now. Thus, our evolution is both a blessing and a curse.

Complexity or Simplicity Are a Choice

Still, we are part of a continual developing process. We, and all objects, originate from the manifestation of one beingness/isness. Our rapid evolution caused a dislocation from our essence as a universal being. Thus, the mind took control of our life experience. We lost touch with the innate universal presence within us and all things. Nevertheless, we know exactly what life represents. And, innately, we know the truth of our manifestation in the oneness of the universe and life. But, the mind distracts us. The advancement of our self-consciousness restricts us from accepting presence/living without attachments. We are now here in human form. Conformity, based on conditioning, restricts us from choosing acceptance and non-attachment, regardless of the details within any moment.

The following quote illustrates what I have written above. This excerpt from the American Declaration of Independence accurately expresses our human dilemma. (Please note that the intent of this excerpt was of a political nature. Nevertheless, this behavior or way of living is typical for our species in all aspects.)

“…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

So, in plain text, what did the congressionally appointed Committee of Five wish to share in this statement. We can express this behavioral explanation in the following manner.

“Humankind basically suffers. And, we openly and willingly accept complexity and suffering because change and simplicity seems impossible, so why try.”

Well, now is the time to accept change and simplification as the new standard of living. It is possible and can happen, when you are ready. Remember, everything starts or ends with you through your observation of life.  

Wishing you a joyful and safe day

P.S. This article is an excerpt from my third book. “Simplicity of Life: Why Does Being Human Complicate Everything“.


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