Brainiac Needs to Dominate You

We consider the mind to be a biological machine capable of fantastic feats. DC Comics have a popular comic book super villain named Brainiac. The word Brainiac derives from two words. Brain and maniac. This is the focus of our discussion.


What causes our brain to often become a maniac? Comic books depict Brainiac as an arch enemy of Superman. This scenario suggests the age-old struggle between good and bad. However, let’s use this scenario as an inquiry into the confusion that results because the mind overshadows conscious awareness.  As a result, the mind demands and absorbs energy from our conscious state of being.

Brainiac Behavior Distracts Us

Thus, a lack of awareness to presence is the consequence.  The mind is busy calculating and projecting thoughts and emotions. This behavior is manipulative and restrictive to our life experience.

However, mind development does not imply behavior control. Unfortunately, conscious living remains mostly dormant due to mind domination.  The mind is intelligent and equally clever. Nevertheless, intelligence and cleverness do not blossom from consciousness. This behaviorism, along with the ego, are nothing but mind games.

” Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Here the clever one from this quote is the mind. And, conscious living is to shame when the mind controls our behavior.  So, why does the mind behave similar to a Brainiac? (brain + maniac)

The answer is obvious. The mind always calculates and dominates when a person is unaware. And, the mind does this because we allow it. It often seems as if we actually prefer having the mind tangle us in abstractions and distraction. Furthermore, the tendency to divert away from conscious living is a by-product of the mind’s behavior. The mind has a course of action (classic-conditioning) that initiates a non-acceptance of any given moment.

Where are you now is a question to often ask. Are you here now and experiencing conscious presence? Or, are you unconsciously following the activities of a Brainiac lost in its own obsession to calculate and dominate?

Wishing you a joyful day.

P.S. This link is an article that considers the mind and the control game it plays.
Mind Control: Unwanted Thoughts


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